Health Care

Keeping your technology healthy Picture your healthcare practice with advanced technology and increased productivity to better benefit your patients. 

Decospaa Cloud works with you to maintain the most advanced IT systems for your business. We understand that time is of the essence in any healthcare practice. Practices are increasing their use of electronic medical records that require more technology now than ever. 

With this come several common industry concerns: 

Minimize the challenges of maintaining HIPAA compliance by automating IT tasks 


Records Software

Billing Software

Canteen Software

OPD Software

HIMS Software

Clinic Software

Scheduling Software

Lab Software 

Payroll Software

Visitor Management

Pharmacy Software

Asset Management

Calibration Software

Wireless Networking

Information Secruity

Data Center Solution

Enabling healthcare professionals to access real-time data to improve patient care No matter the size of your practice, we provide the most cost-effective IT solutions tailored to meet your business needs-which ultimately influence the bottom line of your company. We also offer Compliance as a Service, and all members of our team have gone through training on how to ensure protected health information (PHI) is secure as required by HIPAA. Please visit our page on HIPAA compliance to learn more. Intelligent Vendor Management services are crucial for providing timely problem resolution to critical line of business applications. Common line of business applications for the Healthcare industry include: 



Display Monitors



Telephone Intercom

Time Attendance 

CCTV Surveillance

Door Access



Counting Machine

Xerox Machine