Computer Maintenance


Can you imagine your business running without Technology ? Without using computers, internet, firewall ? In the present scenario, computers and IT peripherals have become such an important part of life that a few seconds of downtime can result in a huge loss in terms of productivity. A sudden system breakdown can be catastrophic. It seems that it’s impossible to manage without their presence. Our computers and their parts comes with warranty period. After that warranty period expires, you need a IT professional or computer support services that can rectify any errors or breakdown.


Higher Quality of work

Agreeing upon an annual maintenance contract allows clients to ensure the quality of work is standardized across that time period and ensure the service provider adheres to the terms agreed upon.

Efficient & planned timelines

Customers will benefit from knowing that they always have emergency support and their needs covered. They’ll never need to worry about how they will get something repaired or when it will happen.

Regular maintenance plans

Both service providers and customers benefit from having regular maintenance planned for ahead of time. Well-maintained things break less frequently, resulting in less work for your techs and less downtime for clients.

How it Works

Routine servicing is carried out, but replacement of spare parts is chargeable. A computer AMC service offers multiple types of IT support options such as software support, hardware support, operating system support, antivirus support, printer support, firewall support, network support and much more.


Some Common Problems Resolved

  • Computer shuts down or freezes dead

  • Pop-Up ads are appearing on desktop

  • Problem with website’s security certificate

  • Printer won’t print, printer not connecting

  • Installed Program isn’t working on PC

  • Desktop Boots but won’t launch windows

  • Wireless connection issue

  • WiFi keeps disconnecting

  • No sound coming from desktop

  • Desktop Screen is blank/damaged

  • LCD broken replacement

  • Motherboard service

  • Virus, Malware, Spyware Removal Service

  • Hard drive not detecting problems

  • Strange or garbled image on the computer screen Desktop slow performance and slow internet

  • Computer Drivers Installation

  • UPS Battery Problem

  • Repairing Keyboards

  • OS Installation (No Pirated)

  • Overheating problems in desktop

  • Problem in connecting to internet

  • Beep sound from computer

  • Chip Level Computer Repairing

  • Internet setup and Windows not boot issue

  • Windows Blue Screen Error

  • Power supply SMPS issue

  • Desktop Keeps restarting

  • Computer does not turn on

  • Computer makes noise while running