Backup 2 cloud

Backup 2 Cloud

Break free from legacy data protection

Modernize your data protection and eliminate downtime with Decospaa Backup & Replication, the simple, flexible, reliable and powerful solution for protecting your cloud, virtual and physical workloads.

Always protected and always available

Quickly achieve fast, flexible and reliable backup with archival and recovery capabilities for the most critical enterprise workloads.

  • Ensure bulletproof ransomware protection

  • Reduce cost and complexity

  • Meet your service level agreements (SLAs) with confidence

Most enterprises follow the ‘Cloud backup best practice: 3-2-1 Rule’ i.e Keep three copies of your data, stored on two types of media, with one copy being offsite (Cloud Backup)

Why Backup is important?

  1. Data is spread across various systems and platforms for today’s mobile workforce

  2. Let’s face it, you may have bought the best brand of hardware or the most expensive hard disk but they all go through wear and tear and you may lose your data.

  3. Downtime, caused by a cyberattack, or a power outage, is one of the biggest concerns for enterprises.

  4. Ransomware – should not bring down your operations. A hacker may access your data and encrypt it and ask for a ransom!

  5. If you have a current backup of your data there is nothing to worry. Just restore your data and you are back again.

  6. Business resilience is the topmost priority for leaders, even a single downtime, could result in huge monetary and reputation losses for enterprises.

Why Cloud Backup is a better option than local storage/backup

  1. Cloud backup is flexible, scalable, available at very low cost and delivers high performance.

  2. Cloud backup offers some advantages over local storage/backup. For example, if in the unlikely event your office is flooded, or if there is a fire in the building - your backup might be lost, unless you stored your data in the cloud.

  3. Cloud backup is versatile: All workloads need to be protected – cloud, virtual, physical – it’s all part of your data center now. Rely on the simplicity that only Decospaa Cloud Backup can deliver with comprehensive backups of everything that runs your business.

i. Cloud – Backup to the cloud

ii. Virtual – VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Nutanix AHV

iii. Physical – Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix

  1. Cloud backup allows you to backup and recover to, from and within the cloud for portability and cost savings.

  2. Governance & Compliance: Effectively manage your backups from virtual testing to ensuring that copies of your data are recoverable, secure and compliant.

Everything you need to protect your data

Industry leading backup and restore

Fast, application aware, image based backups for VMware, NAS, Windows and more!

Native backup and recovery for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud

Bulletproof ransomware protection with immutable backups functionality

Achieve data retention goals without blowing up your monthly bill

Replication and DR

Get sub-minute RPO and fail over to the latest state instantly with Decospaa CDP

Immediate recovery and production data access for VMs, entire NAS shares and SQL/Oracle databases with Instant Recovery®

1-click site recovery and DR testing with Decospaa Disaster Recovery Orchestrator

Monitoring and analytics

Unified monitoring and reporting across on premises, cloud and remote agents

Built in intelligence to identify and help resolve common misconfigurations and backup problems

Effective capacity planning and forecasting to keep your IT needs in check