Document Management Software


A document management system (DMS) is a system used to receive, track, manage and store documents and reduce paper. Most can keep a record of various versions created and modified by different users (history tracking). - Source Wikipedia

Product Features

Viewmyrecords is a Document management system which offers an End to End solution provided through doorstep scanning, indexing, digital storage & Off- site physical records storage Viewmyrecords is a cloud-based system. So, you can access your documents anytime, anywhere, from any device and can install on local server

Security Features

Access Control thru robust Password control

Instant Tagging and Indexing Enterprise Grade Data Security Triple Encryption and BYOK

Multilayer of Access Permission

OTP for Highly Secured Doc

Audit Trail and Report for Every Action

Browser Scan and no copy at device

Key Benefits

For All your Needs ▶ B2B & B2C Service Offerings▶ A Versatile Product Platform▶ Customizable Solution▶ User friendly, Scalable▶ Web browser & Mobile App▶ Anytime, Anywhere, Any DeviceSmart ▶ Geo Tagging▶ Retention Scheduling▶ Reminders▶ Content Search▶ Annotation ▶ White LabelingSecure ▶ Enterprise Grade Security▶ Audit Trail▶ Group/Dept based structure▶ Restricted View▶ Classified Access Control▶ Secure share control

Examples of Usage

Example –Manfacturing Industry

The manufacturing set-up of companies is usually spread across different geographies and is usually in areas away from the city. This presents its unique set of document management challenges.

Viewmyrecords helps Manufacturing to :

Maintain records such as DWG files, audit history with version control

Implement ISO compliance or Lean process effectively

Storage of various machine manuals and Tool Calibration Record

Maintain Employee and Supplier Data

Example - Project Industry

The project based companies need various documents for Different sites, these include design, authority permission letters, material procurement details etc.

Viewmyrecords helps Project Based Industry to :

One Team – Multiple teams can edit document together

Multiple Locations – Can manage location /site wise documents

Handle multiple versions

Multiple concurrent users and records with version control