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A restaurant billing software is a solution to make your billing process faster and easier. ... Right from tracking sales to managing payments, restaurant billing software can ease tasks to a great extent.

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Category Master

Category Master : In this module we can create new Category Names : Ex: Water Bottle, Cool Drinks etc...

Product Master

Product Master: in this module we can create new Product under Category Name

Ex: Cool drinks is Category Name

Product: Thums Up, Limca, Maaza like this we create products under one Category.

Table Master

Table Master : In this module we can create how many tables we have and also how many chairs for particular table.


How to do Billing,

irst select the new table and select waiter, after that select the food items, ordered by customer and select the suspend button, and you get the kitchen Out Token( KOT ),if the customer ordered food again on the same table, then select ADD KOT and select the food items and select suspend button. Like this we can serve the customer,

How to make customer Bill

Select the Running Table Button and select the particular table and select the Close bill Button and select Payt ype and check the amount and press enter button and you can see the bill

If pay type is cash the enter tender amount and it will show you that how much change is to be given.

Bill Summary

In this report we can see how many bill are generated and amount of each bill no At bottom of the report we can see the total amount

Product Summary Report

In this report we can see category wise, qty and amount of the particular Category

Product Detail Report

In this report we can see all products individually with qty and price and amount under particular name, there is subtotal for each Category.