Digital Factory solution


A digital factory is a production facility in which people, machines, raw materials and products instantly share information about all stages of the production process. Smart factories are undeniably a reality today. Manufacturers have at their disposal advanced digital technologies to harness the humongous amount of data generated in the manufacturing process. Critical areas in Quality, Asset Management, Production Process, and Energy Management can benefit immensely from real-time data monitoring, diagnostics, and proactive interventions to improve plant performance in areas of Productivity, Efficiency, Cost Reduction, Quality Control, and Equipment Reliability. 


Digital factories automate processes, eliminate redundant activities and consolidate workflows in support of lean operations, lowering costs and focusing the workforce on profitable activities. Factory Design Utilities in the Autodesk Product Design Collection help develop a digital factory model.

How it Works

Digital factories can be configured to reflect different routings, types of equipment, production volumes, labor costs, material costs and more. Regional data libraries help ensure the digital factories reflect real-world geographic variation in cost drivers like labor rates, cost of electricity, etc.

Engineers can analyze production options down to the machine level, simulate multi-factory or multi-process routings, and accurately simulate cycle times for each stage of the production process. Depending on the task at hand, software can either automatically suggest optimal routing and machine selections or conduct a simulation based on pre-determined criteria.


We enable manufacturing companies to transform their end-to-end operations to be monitored on the go. Through our customized solutions, we integrate Machines, PLC’s, and Complete Shopfloor into one digitally connected ecosystem to reduce costs, speed up project execution, improve operational efficiency, and bring visibility into the real-time KPI’s for manufacturing companies.