Visitor Desk

Visitor Desk Is Your Safe Place

In An Unsafe World!

Make your reception area smart!

Sleek tab sign-in brings the delightful experience to your reception and smart features enhance your security and manage your visitor logs in a swift.

Instant Notification

Approve/Reject Visitor


Invite Guest

Bulk Invites

Check in / Out

QR Checkin

Real-time Access Control

QR Checkout

Manage Deliveries

Deliveries of Employee with Parcel photos

Employee in-out board

Staff need a system that requires no time or effort - especially if they’re in and out several times a day.

Online Verification

Online verification through OTP via SMS / Emai

Print Badges

Print visitor tokens via Device instantly

Activity Dash Board


Manage User Roles

NDA Signing


Branches Setup

Multi-desk Configuration

Visitor Configurations

Purpose of Visit

Filter & Export

Custom Messages

Configure Workplace


Catering Dept

Information to catering dept , arrival of visitors

Bulk Announcements

Supported Browsers