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Employee Payroll, The Best You Can Get!

India's No.1 Payroll software is the best in the corporate world to do justice to the HR's need since it is intelligent enough to discharge its duty with 100% compliance with all government laws. So now your HR can devote quality time to their core responsibilities and forget about the payroll processing hassle. The Payroll system software includes PF, ESIC, PT, TDS, LWF, Bonus and other modules.



HR Management

Statutory Requirements

Attendance Management

Compatible with all Biometric devices. Attendance software intelligently imports data from excel file and generates reports.

Leave Management

Our comprehensive Payroll Software has Leave Management Module where one can define different leave types.These leave types can be paid Or unpaid.

Define Earning

One can define ‘n’ number of heads under earnings or deductions in Payroll Software. Each head can be defined in five different ways.

Multiple Salary Structure

Payroll Software is also used as salary calculator. 'N' number of salary structures can be defined in payroll.

Employee Portal

ESS Portal allow employees to manage their leave, Attendance, Payslip and reimbursements using payroll's mobile ESS portal.


Manage loans and advances given to employees with ease in desktop and online payroll application.

Bonus Management

Bonuses can be configured at company level. Bonus applicability / bonus payout is totally controllable. Statutory bonus can be configured.

Create Allowance Heads

In payroll software parameters are predefined in the system, but in rare case, if a user feels he can define his own separate parameter.

Bank Advice

With the help of payroll software the employee salary can be deposited in their respective bank accounts. For this separate bank advice can be generated.

Arrears Calculation

Arrears and recurring arrears can be configured in payroll software which can be taxable or non-taxable.

Statutory Norms

100% compliant Payroll software with all government laws . Includes PF, ESIC, PT, TDS, LWF, Bonus and other modules.

TDS Calculation

calculate TDS automatically. TDS applicability slab is predefined & it can be changed. Concessions provided by Gvt. are also configured.

Full And Final Settlement

Full and final settlement of the employee can be initiated. Gratuity can be given. A full and final settlement statement is printed.

Exhaustive Reporting

Various types of reports are available in Payroll software moreover data can be exported to excel for further formatting

Access Control

In payroll software by default admin user is created. Admin can create unlimited user logins. Admin can restrict use of the software.

One Click Operations

Payroll software generates mails, exports and prints reports on a single click. You can do so branch-wise and department-wise.

Auto Backup And Emailing Facility

In E payroll and desktop payroll software help file is provided which can be termed as an E-Book or a user’s guide.

One Click Operations

Payroll software generates mails, exports and prints reports on a single click. You can do so branch-wise and department-wise.

Recruitment Module

Entire recruitment process, includes requests from staff, approval of vacancies, download relevant candidates CVs & conduct tests, interviews, generate offer letters .

Online Submission

Payroll Software helps you to file online returns. An ECR file of PF can be directly generated from payroll software without hassle.

Best Suitable for Below Sectors

  • Commercial Offices

  • Manufacturing

  • Corporate Park

  • School / Colleges

  • Residential Building

  • Hospital

  • Government Offices

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