Diary ERP

Milk producers collection storage and transportation of milk.Milk reception at processing facilities includes cooling ,testing and measurement, storage.Raw milk processing includes separation, standardisation, blending, pasteurise, homogenization & storage. Milk product processing includes sterilisation, pulverisation, drying, fermentation, coagulation, by products processing like cream/ butter, freezing, packaging and storage. Milk products distribution product storage and transportation effluent treatment whey processing

Procurement Registration

The Procurement Registration Module of DAIRY ERP Provides the details of procurement Parties. This Module helps to keep the details of Collection centre, Chilling Centre, Processing centre, Agent and Formers. It also helps to keep track the Transport and Procurement Route Details.SUB MODULES
  • Company Registration
  • Processing Centre Registration
  • Chilling Centre Registration
  • Collection Centre Registration
  • Other Dairy Registration Module
  • Agent / Former Registration
  • Procurement Route Registration
  • Bank
  • Vehicle

Item Registration

The Sales Registration Module of DAIRY ERP provides the details of Sales Parties. This Module helps to keep the details of Buyer, Branch Buyer and Sales Rep .It helps to keep the details of each and every product with the current updating of Stock. It also used to fix the Rate as per the Base/Sale Unit. It helps to maintain the details of Both Milk and Milk Product such as SkimMilk, Tonned Milk, Double Tonned milk, Curd and Ghee. It also maintains the details of the buyer who receives goods from multiple routes.SUB MODULES
  • Product Group
  • Products

Collection Centre

The Collection Centre Milk Procurement Module of DAIRY ERP Provides the overall collection centre processes. This module comprises with Milk Receipt, Lab Entry and COC Milk Status. It helps to maintain the receipts when COC collects the milk from former which includes Milk type, temp, No.of Litres provided by formers. It automatically helps to change the milk type as CM/BM, depends on the SNF and Fat value in the Lab Entry. It shows the details of receipt as well as lab entry and more additional details like SNF Boost, LR Boost in the form of Collection Centre Milk Status. It provides the receipt for Cream Milk which is given by the former.SUB MODULES
  • COC Milk Receipt
  • COC Lab entry
  • COC Cream Receipt
  • Milk Type Changed Details


FATSNFDaily Testing Logs


The Retail Sales module DAIRY ERP generates the Retail, Branch Invoices with the closing of Cash with the denomination. Branch Stock can be adjusted by the admin and Branch goods return to the Dairy.SUB MODULES
  • Customer
  • Sales
  • Delivery Challans
  • Payment Received
  • Credit Notes

Store Inventory

The Dairy Stores Inventory Module of DAIRY ERP allows to generates and maintain the stores material with all type of UOM. Material requirements can be generated as a purchase indent and it can be allotted and approved by the admin with the quantity and price alteration, based on the allotment, quotation will be received and the ERP system generate the quotation comparison so that user can identify the best one in aspect of Pricing and Delivery schedule. This module allows to the Direct/Credit purchase, Good purchase order and amendment/cancellation can be done. Goods receipt and return are made simplified.SUB MODULES
  • Stores Material Registration
  • Purchase Indent
  • Indent Allotment and Approval
  • Quotation Enquiry / Comparison
  • Direct/Credit Purchase
  • Purchase Order / Amendment/ Cancellation
  • Purchase Receipt / Return
  • Bill Receipt


  • Sub Modules
  • Vendor
  • Expenses
  • Bills
  • Payment Made
  • Vendor Credit


The HR Payroll Module of WS DAIRY ERP provides the overall procedure of HR module. This Module helps to keep the details of Employees like Personal, Contact, Educational and service status. It also helps to maintain the attendance details of all the employees in an Oraganization.At the same time, there is an option to generate automatic wages preparation.SUB MODULES
  • Add Employees
  • Set up Statutory Components
  • Process Pay Runs
  • Create Salary Templates
  • Direct Deposit of Salaries
  • Employee Portal


  • Manual Journals
  • Bulk Updates
  • Currency adjustments
  • Charts of Accounts
  • Transaction Locking


Logistics management is a “systematic flow” of products resources services information from data and place of manufacturing to date and place of consumption by caring out planning warehousing transportation at the most economic cost and minimum possible time whenever and wherever the need arises.
  • Icecream -Cold Storage Schedules
  • Route Planning
  • Tallying Cash / Cheq as per Despatch
  • Vehicle Maintenances
  • Fuel Expense and other Expenses


The User Admin Module of DAIRY ERP provides the rights to Administrator for create and maintain the login details like User Creation, User Rights and Change password. This leads to track the unauthorized person entries.SUB MODULES
  • User Creation
  • User Rights
  • Password Maintenance

Process Costing

  • Product costing
  • BOM per unit
  • Production Budgeting
  • Vehicle Distribution Cost
  • Processing Cost
  • Overhead Cost
  • Labour Costing
  • Plant and Machinery Cost

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