Corporate E- Learning

We Make Employee A Part Of Your Company!

There is so much talk about corporate learning. Many big companies have entire departments to deal with the training of their employees. Many people may wonder why learning is so important, especially after you have finished school. They might feel like it is a waste of time and money. However, it is really important.


  • Available in Classroom

  • Knowledge reinforcements

  • On the job training formats

  • Blended Learning


  • Induction

  • On boarding

  • Collaboration

  • Training events

  • Upskilling


  • Insights on training

  • Training effectiveness

  • Measure & communicate progress

  • Action Learning


  • Through peer learning

  • Knowledge sharing

  • Just in time feedback

  • Reinforce new behavior

  • Enhance performance

Class Room Training

  • Traditional classroom training enabled with real time

  • assessment to measure knowledge gain.

Info Nugget

  • Publish multimedia content and assessment questions which can be multilingual across devices to reinforce knowledge.


  • Real – time certification of users as they progress through the blended learning interventions


  • Inspire learning and induce engagement through Gamification

Change Management

  • Manage Change for large number of people across geographies, by unlocking powerful digital tools.

  • Enabling management to engage deeply with employees at a personal level in real-time.


  • Foster multi-channel communication between leaders, peers and the team.

  • To share ideas, enterprise information and feel the pulse of the organization.


  • Cultivate the culture of building empathy, foster self help communities with a shared organizational purpose.


  • Onboard new joinees on products & processes.

  • Enable their faster go to market. Ensure immediacy of information & knowledge reinforcement through micro learning.


  • Continuous up-skilling of the sales force.

  • Effective field coaching and role play tools facilitate precision in skill enhancement. Collaboration tools add ideas and feel of market pulse for the organization.


  • Analyse sales KPIs, extract information on performance gaps.

  • Intelligently identify and rapidly address enablement needs of the sales teams to ensure quick sales results.

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