School Management App


Overview of our Application

Manage Students

Properly stores student records

Manage Class

Add as many classes as you need.

User Friendly Design

The design of both app and pc is user friendly

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Be prepared to amaze with our unique feature and semantic animation.

  • Manage Your Class

  • Add as many classes as you need

  • Manage Students

  • Properly stores student records

  • Schedule Events

  • Helps to set and view Events in school

  • Manage Attendance

  • Manage and view student daily Attendance

  • Manage Complaints

  • User will able to make and view complaints

  • Manage Notices

  • User will be Able to see and Add notice

  • Late Bus Notification

  • Parents will be notified if there is any problem related to school bus

  • Meal Calender

  • Shows daily meal to bring in tiffin

Creating harmonious school to parent communication

The clear and timely sharing of information between schools and their families is vital for efficient and cohesive education. By improving school to parent communication, our mobile app have a host of benefits for both parties.

Removes financial cost of paper

Provides Transperancy between parents and school

Notices can be published securely and quickly by school

Using this software school can manage student result

Provide Event scheduling functionality

From twitter

Dynamically pull your twitter feeds via latest twitter Api with ease.


How it works

Please watch the video promo and follow the instruction to install the app.

  • Download

  • You can download this App via Android App store or by contacting us.

  • Install it

  • We will help you to install whole system including this application

  • Customize

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  • Ready to go

  • Video given on left side shows full working of this application

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School module screenshots

Checkout how school panel of this software looks.

Above screen shows Individual attendance details on calender.

The above screen shows various event scheduled in school in calender format.

The above page allows us to view complaints which came to school.

The above page shows details of daily school time table alonge with corresponding teacher name.


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